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1999 Gregoire G65

Asking Price: $115,000

Hours: 2,030.9

Location: Woodbridge, CA

This is a great grape harvester set-up to pick anything with from narrow (8') to wider rows with up to a 24" cross-arm. It is a bow-rod machine and has many upgrades. The tires are much larger than standard and designed for maximum floatation and minimal compaction. It also has a catwalk system around the top that is a huge upgrade for maintenance and safety. There is a basket attached to the discharge shoot for a sorter to pull our MOG if needed. There are 4 fans so there really only needs to be a 3 person crew. It is a tow behind unit and there is a John Deere 5101 EN that has 2030.9 hours and has been well maintained and can be used for other work as well. There are 2 Acampo Machine Narrow Gondolas that are part of the package as well. One of the gondolas has a scale so you will know how much to load the 2nd one as well. This is a good deal and with the cost of labor always on the rise, can save you money on your own vineyard and make some more harvesting for someone else!